Here’s a weird one. In 2011, a Baltimore city homicide detective  was shot in a parking garage downtown. And state prosecutors believe the assailant may have been himself. Now Anthony Fata is on trial for “perjury, misconduct in office, and making false claims to obtain worker’s compensation.

Fata claimed that he was confronted by an armed man (who was black, just like Karla Porter’s imaginary gunman) in the parking garage stairwell. The man shot at him, after which Fata returned fire. The gunman ran up the stairs, and for a moment Fata followed, but eventually hung back, believing he was out of bullets.

There are several problems with Fata’s story. For one, police couldn’t find any shell casings at the site of the shooting that belong to the supposed gunman’s weapon. Also, many — as the Sun would have it, “hordes of” — officers arrived at the scene immediately. After conducting a very thorough search, they didn’t find a suspect. Neither did they find evidence of one.

There’s also Fata’s injury, which is nothing more than a “graze wound.”

But if Fata is lying, it means he also performed a one-man guerrilla theater piece, because a man who was in the garage at the time testified that he heard two initial gunshots, then a struggle, then louder gunshots. And he may have heard someone say “Get off me, man.”