A deli sandwich with an unidentified meat product was served with cheese at a Baltimore County public school this year. Photo by Matthew Reedholm.

Baltimore County School officials say the coronavirus pandemic is making it more difficult to feed students.

The school board recently got an earful from a fourth grader about inedible, innutritious, and sometimes unrecognizable school lunches.

When 10-year-old Matthew Reedholm spoke to the board last week, he came armed with a homemade poster that looked like it could have come straight from a science fair project.

The poster had 19 photos of school lunches served in county cafeterias.

“At first glance the food doesn’t look very good to eat,” Reedholm told the board. “With closer inspection they don’t look good at all. There’s mold, sometimes expired and unhealthy ingredients. Does this look like a lunch to you? Would you eat this? I’m going to guess your answer was ‘no.’”

The pictures have captions like “moldy bread,” “meat not sure what,” “soggy old, bagged apples” and “snacks for a lunch.”

In an interview, Matthew said he brings his lunch from home but he saw what his fellow students were being served.

“I noticed people were going home starving, not even eating any lunch,” he said.

The reason?

“It was so disgusting.”

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