Readers, I need some help with this one:  Why do people think they can make cell phone videos of incredibly stupid, illegal acts and get away with it? Do they think they’ll somehow avoid being caught? Do they not realize that anything you send to one person is probably being shared with dozens (or hundreds!) more? Or are they just plain stupid?

“Stupid” is probably a polite way of describing Baltimore County police officer Aaron Z. Pross, who was charged with malfeasance in office (!) for repeatedly engaging in sexual acts while on duty. In his patrol car. In uniform. And recording it. And sending those videos around. Including to a 16 year-old girl. And possibly involving guns.

The video that Pross sent the teenager seems like the one that was his downfall. He met the girl “through a phone app” and sent her lewd videos — which her parents found while searching her cell phone recently. The whole gross thing unraveled from there.

Pross, who had been with Baltimore County for five years, had been suspended from active duty since the investigation began in January. He turned himself in after charges were brought on Thursday, and was out the same day on $50,000 bail.