Early Decision Angst: Dartmouth Tells on Friday

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This email came from a friend early this morning:

“Did you hear Dartmouth sent an email to all its ED applicants saying, ‘We know we told you we’d respond by 12/15, but we’re going to send you all emails with results by this Friday.’ There are some pacing, nauseous kids around!!

Somehow my daughter knows that 30 (local) kids have already been admitted ED into her first choice school. What an awful reality — she can actually keep real -time track of her likelihood of admission!!!”

Good luck to all the students anxiously awaiting to hear from schools. Keep in mind the perspective of our wise college intern, Arlo Shakur: “You get to do whatever you want pretty much, there are no parents around and you live with people your own age. College is great no matter where you go.”

No truer words were ever spoken. 

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