An East Baltimore Vacant May Become a Haunted House

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Haunted House
via Engineered Fear Productions’ Kickstarter page

The old Kaufman’s Department Store on Oldtown Mall in East Baltimore has just been bought for $250,000 by a developer who wants to turn the space into a yearly haunted house.

According to Engineered Fear Productions’ Kickstarter campaign, the group plans to use 8,000 square feet of the 40,000 square-foot space for their inaugural “event” in October 2015. They are looking for $50,000 in Kickstarter donations to pull that off.

Engineered Fear Productions expects to open the attraction for three months in the fall every year and use buses and remote parking areas to get patrons to the building.

The Kickstarter campaign page invites donors to “[s]ave a piece of Baltimore’s history,” which is pretty novel way to look at keeping a blighted building in a suspended state of disrepair. Not that I’m knocking the idea. As the real estate agent who sold the property said, “It’s 100 percent thinking outside the box.”

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