Edgar Allan Poe House Is Back in Business This Saturday

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Edgar Allan Poe House

If you were a regular at the Edgar Allan Poe house, this last year and a half must have been torture for you. The home at 203 Amity Street has been closed to the public for almost as long as the celebrated author actually lived there! After the city of Baltimore ceased funding its operation in 2012, the house was put on ice as Poe Baltimore Inc., a non-profit formed just for this purpose, got everything in place to run the house without city money.

It took some time, but Poe Baltimore has announced that the Poe house will be open on weekends from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., May 24 to December 28. That means this Saturday is the reopening! Even if you’ve been before, it should be worth a visit. The Baltimore Business Journal reports that, in addition to a new coat of paint, the group has revitalized the landmark with a reinterpretation of the exhibits “to reflect bigger ideas about Poe in Baltimore.”



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