Photo of white high rise building, Liberty Harbor East, against a gray sky.
Liberty Harbor East. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Eight buildings in Harbor East achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating, according to Harbor East Management Group president Tim O’Donald.

Awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the designation “is a global benchmark that guides building owners and operators to take the necessary steps for prioritizing the health and safety of their staff, visitors, and stakeholders,” according to Harbor East’s announcement.

Five of the eight buildings that have achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating are commercial buildings located at 650 S. Exeter St,, 1000 Lancaster St., 1001 Fleet St., Bond Street Wharf, and 100 International Drive.

The remaining three are multifamily buildings, located at Liberty Harbor East, Spinnaker Bay, and The Promenade.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating requires buildings to employ strategies to help keep spaces clean and sanitized, provide essential health benefits and services, communicate health and safety efforts, prepare for an emergency, and assess air and water quality.

Harbor East Management outlined the efforts it has taken to bring its buildings up to IWBI’s standards to achieve the rating. Its buildings have “implemented features such as best-practice-based cleaning and sanitizing procedures, enhanced air quality management, and expanded tenant engagement and communication,” according to their news release.

The press release explained, “The WELL seal on the doors of the buildings indicate that people are entering a space where evidence-based measures and best practices for safety have been adopted and third-party certified.”

Throughout the 10-month certification process, Harbor East Management worked with CodeGreen, a company describing itself as a “multi-disciplinary team of expert sustainable real estate consultants.”

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