Mayoral Candidate Elizabeth Embry Releases Plan to Reduce Crime

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Elizabeth Embry.
Elizabeth Embry.

Following last year’s record homicide rate, we’ve heard in multiple Big Fish interviews throughout this mayoral campaign season about public safety being the number one issue in the Baltimore election. On Wednesday, candidate Elizabeth Embry released her plan to reduce crime.

The 17-page plan lays out reform goals in five areas including crime, policing strategies and the criminal justice system. The first is reducing violence.

“We must move to a different strategy, one that replaces a high arrest policy that burdens entire communities with best practices and proven approaches to target the most dangerous people and places that drive the violence on our streets,” the plan states.

View Embry’s full plan.

Other key aims include ending the War on Drugs, rebuilding trust with police, changing the approach to juvenile crime and reducing recidivism.

Within each of those areas, the 17-page plan lays out specific strategies. Several that jump out include targeting sexual and domestic violence, ending arrests for simple marijuana possession, ending the cash bail system and pressing for automatic expungement of criminal records.

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Embry said she crafted the plan in part by drawing on her experience in Baltimore City State’s Attorney and Maryland Attorney General’s offices. Embry said she will release additional plans for policy areas like housing, education and jobs.

Among other candidates, former Mayor Sheila Dixon released a plan to end violence at the beginning of the month, and Councilman Nick Mosby released a multi-part plan for Baltimore in 15 policy areas.

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