Everyone Wanted to Get Into M & T Yesterday

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Scaling at M & T
Fans refused to be kept out of the festivities at M & T Stadium yesterday.

Many fans who spent hours traveling to M&T Stadium yesterday, faced disappointment when they were shut out just as the players took to the stage. Undaunted, some scaled the gates. Others stormed them.

The photographer of the above shot, a friend and BFB reader, reported that when eager fans broke through the stadium gates she was trampled. ¬†“I felt the crush and couldn’t breath…It all happened so fast,” she said. ¬†Although two policemen were nearby when the break happened, there was little they could do to stop the crowd.

Though she suffered a twisted ankle and was shaken, she quickly recovered with the help of a mid-day beer and the kindness of other fans who came to her aid.

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