Ex-Western High School Principal Stole from Student Fund: Indictment

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westernighThe former principal of Western High School was indicted Monday for stealing $60,000 from a fund that is designed to provide money for students.

According to the Maryland State Prosecutor, Alisha Trusty used money from a school bank account to pay bills and go shopping from February, 2011-January, 2014. The account was connected to the all-girls school’s Student Activity Fund.

Trusty is accused of tapping the account to pay BGE bills, legal fees, trips and for personal retail items, the indictment states. The latest incident came in June, when she was double-dipping. Trusty was allegedly holding down a job with the Dallas-based Teaching Trust while on sick leave from the Baltimore City school system, the indictment states. Trusty currently lives and works in Dallas.

“Public School principals are trusted and relied on by the school system, students and parents to always act in the best interests of their students,” said State Prosecutor Emmet Davitt. “Betrayal of that trust by a principal who steals student activity funds is a particularly reprehensible offense that cannot be tolerated.”

Read the complete indictment at the OSP website.

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