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Top 10 Wild Ways to Stay Cool

While thinking about how hot it is outside in Baltimore today – heat index in the triple digits! – We browsed the internet for interesting ways to stay cool and found this post from 2013 on the National Wildlife Federation’s blog.Seems like animals have the right idea!

This pool in North Roland Park is looking mighty inviting!

Going swimming or taking a cool bath can take the edge of the heat quickly. And keep drinking plenty of water, and make sure that birds (and other wildlife!) can stay well hydrated as well by providing them with a shallow birdbath and fresh water.


Large shade trees around your home can reduce money spent on air conditioning by up to 50%! Trees are important for wildlife. When it is hot outside, animals can find a cool refuge under trees without being away from their food.


Create a nice breeze with a fan. Placing a fan in your open window at night is especially useful to stay cool when sleeping.

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