Fells Point Midnight Party Cruise Captain Dozed Off Before Crash

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Image via WJZ

After the Spirit of Baltimore hit a pier in August, the Coast Guard indicated that the ship missed its mark while docking. But a new report indicates it wasn’t just a matter of incorrect steering.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the captain of the party cruise was apparently up too late, as he dozed off just before the crash. Around 2 a.m., a mate left the helm to help with a passenger who was drunk, leaving the captain alone. That’s when he fell asleep, the report states.

The captain said he was working long hours on his own boat, and doesn’t do well on moonlight cruises because they are so late. The Spirit of Baltimore fired the captain after the crash.

The ship veered off course and hit two docked boats, as well as a pier, the Coast Guard concluded. About 400 people were onboard at an all-linen party, and two were injured.


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