First Question at GOP Debate: ‘Is Joe Flacco a Elite Quarterback?’

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Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.32.22 AMThursday night’s Republican debate was held at certified sports stadium Quicken Loans Arena and had plenty of pre- and post-game analysis, so it was perhaps inevitable that sports talk would infiltrate the dialogue. But instead of LeBron, it was the Ravens’ own Joe Flacco who came up.

While MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was going on about something or other, a mustachioed man appeared in the corner of the screen, holding up a sign that said, “Is Joe Flacco a Elite Quarterback?” It may have even distracted Anne Coulter from getting angry about the two dudes kissing on the other side of the screen (maybe).

All of the reporters swarming Cleveland quickly found that the sign was the work of Twitter football satirist, @PFTCommenter. This isn’t the first time he has put the question out there. It’s one that’s been wrestled with over many Sunday afternoons. There is even a PFTCommenter-patented standard of measure for Flacco eliteness, known as the Flaccometer:

The question, however, sadly didn’t make it to Fox News’ debate panel. On a night of Obama-bashing, that seems like a missed opportunity for red meat. After all, President Barack Obama weighed in on the issue during the Ravens’ 2013 Super Bowl visit to the White House. Obama said that Flacco was, indeed, elite. And Obama can’t seem to get Flacco off his mind, subbing him in during a James Franco namedrop last year.

And besides, it ended up being one of the key post-debate talking points:


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