OK, so you’ve checked out the characters at Otakon, but now you’re in the market for a spectacle that’s a bit more structured.  Look no further than Patterson Park this Saturday and Sunday, where Fluid Movement will be performing a film noir-inspired murder mystery that’s also – you guessed it – a water ballet. 

According to their website, Fluid Movement is a “Baltimore-based performance art group that juxtaposes complex subject matter with delightful and unexpected mediums.” They specifically design their performances for urban spaces, and they have become a fixture in Baltimore with several annual events, like the Love Parade at the Transmodern Festival (which they’ve organized for the last four years), a yearly Hula Hoop-A-Thon, roller skating ballets, and, of course, synchronized swimming extravaganzas — this year’s “Mobtown Murder Mystery” marks the tenth such extravaganza.

This weekend’s performances are the last of the season (see www.fluidmovement.org for showtimes and admission prices).  And if you’re no longer content to sit by the side of the pool, The Baltimore Sun reports that Fluid Movement holds no auditions and is open to all who want to take part.