Free Slurpees and Hopefully No Mobs, Baltimore

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“Slurpees, Slurpees, Slurpees…”

I’m sure the owners of the Light/Pratt Street 7-11 woke up today with a quaky feeling in their stomachs. It’s the company’s 85th Anniversary, and they’re celebrating with yeah, you guessed it, a free Slurpee giveaway. While supplies last, stores will be handing out free 7.11-ounce frozen drinks.

I’ve always looked forward to “slurpFREE” day, even though it’s got nothing on Dunkin’ Doughnuts Iced CofFREE. But the last time 7-11 handed out Slurpee’s, they did more damage than brain-freeze – the store’s May giveaway caused a small riot, with 20 -30 school kids stealing, damaging the store, and even physically attacking its owner. It’s a brave man that dons a 7-11 cap on Light Street today.

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