Sometimes it’s the outsiders who are able to see things the most clearly. That’s one way to explain Baltimore Where You At?, a documentary by French filmmaker Tim Moreau that sheds light on Baltimore’s homegrown club music scene.

“Baltimore, where you at ?” a history of Baltimore Club Music – english version from NAYRA on Vimeo.

Moreau told The Fader that he first became obsessed with Baltimore club while living in a tiny French village with a population of less than 700. “The first time I heard it, I felt it was a perfect mix between urban and electronic music. It was like the first time I heard something so raw, so rhythmic, and so good to dance to. When I first heard it, I was alone in my room, headphones on my ears and I danced like crazy in front of my computer,” he says.

The film has received an overwhelmingly positive response; watch it to gain some great insight on one of our city’s best-loved creative cultures.