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Claims that the Baltimore Orioles might leave the city are “false and intentionally divisive,” said Georgia Kousouris Angelos, wife of longtime former Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos and mother of the team’s current chairman and CEO John Angelos.

In a statement Wednesday, Georgia Angelos said she wanted to “set the record straight” regarding the “false and painful” allegations made by her son Louis Angelos in a lawsuit he brought against Georgia and John last Thursday.

In his lawsuit, Louis Angelos claims their father intended for him and John to share control over the Baltimore Orioles but that John has taken all the power for himself.

Louis Angelos also alludes to the possibility of the Orioles moving away from Baltimore.

“John intends to maintain absolute control over the Orioles — to manage, to sell, or, if he chooses, to move to Tennessee (where he has a home and where his wife’s career is headquartered) — without having to answer to anyone,” the lawsuit said.

Born and raised in Northeast Baltimore, Georgia Angelos said it has been important to her and her family to keep Orioles in Charm City.

“I attended the first Orioles Opening Day in 1954,” she said. “Four decades later, our partnership group restored the team to local ownership, thereby avoiding the constant threat of relocation that had taken the Colts away from Baltimore.”

She directed her son John Angelos to work with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, MSA Chairman Tom Kelso and the state’s legislative leaders to pass a law “to modernize Camden Yards and ensure that the Orioles remain in Baltimore in perpetuity.”

Georgia Angelos said her husband Peter appointed her to be his sole Attorney in Fact and the sole controlling trustee of Peter’s revocable trust.

“I, alone, have the authority to manage the family’s assets and make decisions, and I take this responsibility very seriously,” she said.

In 2020, Georgia Angelos appointed her son John to be the chairman and CEO of the Orioles, and the other Major League Baseball team owners approved him as the Orioles’ “control person, in charge of decisions for the team.

“John has my full faith as well as the trust and confidence of Major League Baseball, Commissioner Rob Manfred, MLB’s executive leadership group, and the “control persons” of the 29 other MLB Clubs who voted to approve John as the Orioles’ control person,” she said.

Louis Angelos’ lawsuit also mentions Peter Angelos’ former attorney, Chris Jones, whom Louis alleges his brother “co-opted” by connecting Jones’ daughter, country music singer Carter Faith, with John’s wife, Nashville songwriter Margaret Valentine, The Baltimore Banner reported.

“I consider Chris a friend, and Chris and his family as well as my son John and his family are owed an apology for this baseless, unfounded, and defamatory Complaint,” Georgia Angelos said.

She added that she wishes her family’s disagreement had been handled inhouse rather than being aired publicly.

“I have always believed that family disputes and concerns should remain among family members, and I deeply regret any distraction that this may have caused to our dedicated Orioles Senior Leadership Team and staff, our many community partners, and most importantly, devoted Orioles’ fans,” she said. “I look forward to putting this matter behind us all. Go Orioles!”

Georgia’s statement on Wednesday comes two days after a statement from her son John, who also denied that the Orioles are looking to leave Baltimore.

“As I have said before, as long as Fort McHenry is standing watch over the Inner Harbor, the Orioles will remain in Baltimore,” John said in a statement Monday.

It’s not the first time that the Orioles have had to stave off rumors of the team’s departure from Baltimore. John Angelos denied similar claims in 2019.

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