Getting married is a wonderful thing. And in many traditions, surrounding yourself with family and friends is part of what makes it so special. Inviting guests can make the wedding feel like a true party — and like any good party host, sending guests home with favors is considered proper etiquette.

After all, thanking your guests with personalized wedding favors will not only show your gratitude, but it will give them something special to take home with them after the party is through.

Of course, wedding favors run the gamut in terms of size, use, and price. Many couples choose to go with something the guests can enjoy right away and won’t need to carry with them — namely, edible gifts like chocolates and candies wrapped up in squares of tulle or tiny paper boxes. These are inexpensive and still very much appreciated.

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Others love crafting their own favors with lots of personality, like handmade candles poured into wine glasses, or sachets filled with dried lavender.

Still others love to shop online for products they can order in large quantities and personalize to make their own, with their names, wedding date, and even a fun graphic.

Of course, while there are wedding favor ideas for any type of affair on any budget, it can be challenging to know where to start.

As you continue planning your big day, consider this checklist to help narrow down ideas and find the ultimate personalized wedding favors.

White Mason Jars, Discount MugsaienKL4i4.png How many guests will attend?

You may have just a ballpark range of people attending, and that’s perfectly fine. Still, knowing a probable headcount will help when choosing how many wedding favors you need to order.

Your total guest count can also help influence the types of favors you order. If you end up inviting fewer guests, you might find yourself with a larger budget available to spend on each favor. On the other hand, if you think you’ll have a lot of RSVPs, then you might need to go with favors that are more affordable per item.

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aienKL4i4.png What is your wedding favor budget?

Based on the rest of your wedding plans and your estimated head count, you can get an idea of about how much you have to spend on wedding favors. Knowing whether you have $200 or $2,000 will guide you in the right direction. Of course, your guests will love whatever you give them — what’s important is making sure the favors fit your price.

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Will your favors fit your theme?

Many couples choose wedding favors that fall in line with their particular theme. Choosing a theme is completely optional, and there are many ways to do it. For example, your theme might be connected to the season in which you’re getting married, such as a fall harvest theme or a winter wonderland theme.

You might also like to associate your favors with your wedding colors. For instance, if the bridal party is wearing lilac-colored dresses and ties, then you can spring for light-purple can koozies or customized purple tote bags as favors.

You can also choose favors that fit with your wedding location. For instance, destination weddings are the perfect place to give away personalized sunglasses or mini custom sunscreens, while a late fall wedding in a small town might call for something more traditional, like custom wine glasses or votive candles.

Custom Sunglasses, Discount MugsaienKL4i4.png Are your gift ideas practical?

Fitting the theme is a nice touch, but it’s also worth knowing if your favors will be useful or practical for your guests going forward. For example, glass wine glasses can be a lovely wedding favor, but might not be practical (or allowed) if your reception is near a swimming pool or beach location where glass is not allowed. In these situations, opt for plastic wine glasses to achieve the same elegant effect without the risk of breakage.

Also consider whether your favors are easy to pack for guests to transport home. This is especially important if you are planning a destination wedding or if most people will be traveling from out of state.

Some couples like to avoid this issue altogether and go for favors that can be used and enjoyed immediately. These include edible favors, like chocolates, cookies, or even cake. You could even serve your wedding cake in personalized mason jars with lids, allowing your your guests can grab a “slice” on their way out. Plus, they’ll have a cute jar to use as a drinking glass, a flower vase, or a candle holder in the future.

Edible Wedding Favors, Discount MugsaienKL4i4.png Are your wedding favors personal?

No matter what you choose, wedding favors should reflect your personalities. After all, people will be coming to celebrate you and your future spouse, and will love to take home a favor that reminds them of you.

That’s where customization comes in. Personalize your favors to make them your own and they instantly gain appeal and become more endearing. Depending on the favor and how much space you have, you can add two initials in beautiful scroll type. Or, print or engrave your full names and the wedding location, too. You can even upload your favorite clip art, personal graphics, or a photograph.

Use this checklist to help organize your thoughts and choose personalized wedding favors that make the most sense for you, your guests, and your event.

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