The Gift

What It Is: A super cool, locally made art concept. 36 Letters takes photos of letters (and numbers, too) out in the world and arranges the photos to spell out personalized messages and names. Perfect for giving a totally unique gift, while keeping it local. You can get single letters or numbers (an initial, say, or apartment number), choose from a pre-printed word or phrase, or of course, create your own. Prices vary.

Who It’s Perfect For:

New Folks at the Holidays: It’s (usually) great when a relative brings home a new significant other for the holidays for the the first time. But of course that puts the pressure on the rest of the family to make them feel welcome, supply gifts so they’re not left out, etc. But you need a gift that seems thoughtful (no gift certificates, please) while not indicating that you inquired too much about what they’d like.

Office Gifts: Still struggling to make good on your Secret Santa gifting? Here’s your answer. It’s a lovely piece of art that many people wouldn’t just go out and buy for themselves, but will be thrilled to have in their home or office. And it’s likely to match the decor in any room, so no worries there.

For more information or to order a piece from 36 Letters, visit