The Gift: Adopt a Pair of Penguins

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The Gift

What It Is: “Two lovebirds, one sweet gift,” is how the Maryland Zoo puts it. Only through February 9th, they’re offering an amazing adoption package based around one of the most beloved creatures at the zoo: penguins. The Valentine’s Day lovebird adoption package includes an official Zoo Adoption Certificate,  two plush penguin keepsakes, a special penguin fun fact sheet about penguins in love, a photograph of your penguin pair, an invitation for two to join the Zoo’s annual Adopters’ Recognition Day, and a Valentine’s Day card for your special someone. Does this say “love” or what? Available from the Maryland Zoo. $67. Available through February 9th.

Who It’s Perfect For:

Kids: Kids love Valentine’s Day. After all, their cubbies fill with charming paper notes and chalky candy hearts reminding them that feelings abound in the human world. But kids also tend to be big animal lovers– and penguins are a pretty consistent fave. Bring some love and appreciation of nature home with this awesome adoption package that’s as educational as it is sweet.

Your “Please Don’t Get Me Anything for Valentine’s Day” Valentine: You love them, but that doesn’t make their “can we just not celebrate Valentine’s Day” plea any less of an obstacle course. Are you really not supposed to do anything? Surely, it’s a trick. Hedge your bets wisely with a gift like this. It shows you care, but you’re not going the cliche flowers and chocolates route. And really, you did it for the penguins.

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