The Gift: Easter Goodies from Becket Hitch

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The Gift

What It Is: A finely curated selection of Easter treats chosen by the folks at Becket Hitch– famous for their impeccable taste. You can get a stuffed bunny bank, gummy butterflies, chocolate marshmallow robin’s eggs, or gorgeously wrapped “surprise balls”– each with charming vintage-inspired gifts inside. Or of course, you can purchase some of each. Available at Becket Hitch. Prices vary.

It’s Perfect For:

Easter Care Packages: Getting a package in the mail always makes one’s day (or week, or month). But at this point, when you get an Easter package, you know what’s coming. Peeps. Cadbury. That annoying plastic “grass” that gets everywhere. This year, go for the super classy option and send a package that will be as unique as it is beautiful (and delicious).

Your Host’s Kids: We’ve all had the experience of giving candy to kids and watching their parents’ eyes roll and their brows furrow. After all, you’re not the one who’ll deal with the ensuing sugar high, followed (in all likelihood) by a tantrum and a coma. Oops. This time around, bring a surprise ball or the stuffed bunny bank for a no-sugar-added gift for the kids. And then, just maybe, sneak them a chocolate egg or two when mom and dad aren’t looking.


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