The Gift: His & Hers Pillowcases from Phina’s for the Home

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Gift from Phina's for the Home
His & Hers Pillowcases from Phina’s for the Home. $52/set


His & Hers Pillowcases from Phina’s for the Home. Made from 100% cotton, 300 thread count and Fair Trade certified.

Cost: $52 per set

Who it’s perfect for:

Newlyweds. While we all love the chance to attend a wedding (at least, when we approve of the match), finding the right gift can be rough. After all, newlyweds don’t always have a ton of space for the appliances, knick-knacks, and heirlooms that friends and relatives rush to load them up with. But they need pillowcases anyway, and these are a perfect blend of romantic and playful.

*Bonus points: Phina’s also offers His/His and Hers/Hers sets. The perfect gift for celebrating Maryland’s embrace of marriage equality!

Anyone celebrating an anniversary. After all these years, grandma and grandpa probably still fight over pillow stealing. This gift puts that all to bed, guaranteeing many more years of marital bliss.

These His/Hers pillowcases are available at Phina’s for the Home, located at 919 South Charles St. in Baltimore.

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