E.N. Olivier

What it is: E.N. Olivier (voted Baltimore’s best spot for food gifts, didn’t you know) calls this sampler pack “the gateway to the store.” If you didn’t know how much variety (and flavor) you can get from olive oils and balsamic vinegars, this is a great way to get educated (and wowed) real quick. It includes bottles each of the shop’s most popular extra-virgin olive oils, infused olive oils, and balsamic vinegars. $35.

Who it’s perfect for:

Mom and/or Dad: Sometimes, buying a gift for your parents can seem a little ridiculous. They’re adults. Don’t they already know what they like and manage to find it for themselves? Plus, many empty-nesters move into smaller homes when they retire, and have less space for stuff they don’t really need. So a consumable gift is the perfect thing. And while they may already know plenty about the anti-aging properties of good olive oil, they may have never experienced such awesome varieties of the stuff.

Co-Worker on a Health Kick: So you’ve got to give a gift to someone you don’t know that well. But one thing you do know is that they’re working hard to get or stay in shape, or to generally improve their health. It’s pretty obvious, since they turn their nose up at the donuts your boss brought in, and have started packing their lunch from home. This gift says that you’ve noticed, you’re supportive, and that you also have excellent taste.

The Six Bottle Sampler is available from E.N. Olivier (1407 Clarkview Rd. Suite 300 in Baltimore). For more information, visit www.enolivier.com.