While life in Baltimore can include its fair share of excitement, drama, and intercultural interactions, Goucher College decided it just wasn’t quite enough.

And so, in 2006, Goucher became the first school in the country to require students to study abroad. They can fulfill the requirement in a traditional semester- or year-long program, or they can enroll in some of the school’s special three-week intensive courses. (For a bit of travel envy, check out the list of intensive courses the school has offered, or plans to offer in the near future. Goucher students have the option to study dance and theatre in London, Marine Biology in Honduras, sacred architecture in Japan, inequality in South Africa… among many other options.)

As Sanford Ungar, the school’s president told the Washington Examiner in 2008, ““I don’t think you can call yourself an educated person unless you know something about the world. You need to have the sense that there are other perspectives to be heard.”

Because international travel/living can pose a financial hardship, the school offers $1,200 vouchers for travel and living expenses; honors students in the international scholars program get $3,000.

And in a world where colleges compete to stand out to students, the foreign exchange requirement sets Goucher apart from the pack. In 2008, 82 percent of undergrads listed the requirement as the main reason they picked Goucher.