Larry Hogan doesn't like Common Core

A year ago this week, the city was spiraling out of control until a tough guy stepped in to save the day; thanks to his decisive actions, all the troublemakers went “scurrying home.” At least, that’s how Gov. Larry Hogan saw what happened last year.

In a revealing interview with the Sun, Hogan tells the story of last year’s unrest. which basically reads as one long dis of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “All she did from that day until this day is criticize us and say we haven’t done anything to help Baltimore City,” the governor said. “It’s very unfortunate. We’re going to have a new mayor, though. Her career is over.”

A representative from the mayor’s office didn’t respond with quite as much vehemence, but there was definitely still some shade thrown: “The mayor prefers to focus on governing the city rather than obsessing on perceived past slights or differences of opinion,” a spokesman told the Sun.