Demolition of Baltimore City Detention Center. Photo by the Office of Governor Larry Hogan.

Governor Hogan today announced that his administration is taking the next step in developing the new Baltimore Therapeutic Treatment Center.

The Maryland Department of General Services initiated a request for proposal to help the Office of Design, Construction, and Energy plan, design, and construct the redevelopment of the Baltimore City Pretrial Complex. 

The site, located on East Eager Street, was formerly the Baltimore City Detention Center.

The demolition of the detention center was completed in August 2021, following a decision made in July 2015 to shut down the center due to unsafe conditions. 

The new facility will provide substance abuse services and mental health treatment to nonviolent offenders when they enter the criminal justice system. 

“The therapeutic treatment facility encompasses the best practices of treatment and programming,” said Secretary Robert Green of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services in a statement today.

“It’s a new day for corrections and Baltimore City, as this purpose-built facility is intentionally focused on diversion, deflection, and treatment,” he said. 

The project is estimated to cost over $450 million and is expected to be completed over a 10-year period.