What do John Wilkes Booth and Chubby from The Little Rascals have in common? They are both buried in Baltimore in unmarked graves. But that could soon change (for Chubby, that is – Booth’s grave is going to stay how it is). Fans of the actor (again we’re talking about Chubby here) have started a collection to raise $4,000 to mark his grave with a black granite headstone etched with his likeness.

Norman Chaney was born to a working class family in Baltimore. In 1929, he won a contest to replace Joe Cobb as the overweight kid on The Little Rascals (then called Our Gang). His short, popular run on the series ended in 1931, and he returned to Baltimore where he struggled with the glandular disorder that gave him his signature rotundity, dying in 1936 at the age of 21.

If the group can raise enough money, they plan to buy a tombstone for Chaney’s mother as well – her grave is also currently unmarked. If they don’t raise quite enough, they say they’ll go with a monument a little less grand.

You can track the online fundraiser’s progress at indiegogo.com