Gun Control Measures Will Help Protect Kids

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School Security

Sponsored Content: A new bill passed in the Maryland legislature will prevent dangerous people from being able to own guns. In addition, the state will spend millions to increase security in schools.

The first law is known as a “red flag” law. It gives judges the power to order gun owners to turn in their guns if the owners are considered to be dangerous. Five states have enacted similar legislation while dozens more are considering the same type of law. While the law in Maryland was proposed before the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the incident seems to have fueled support from legislators and the governor.

In addition, several million will be spent this year to allow schools to install security devices at schools, including reinforced doors as well as panic buttons. The doors could better prevent shooters from entering the building. If shooters still found a way in, panic buttons would alert those in the school of the shooter’s presence more quickly, which could increase reaction times.

The state will spend a total of 37.6 million dollars on school safety grants that will be accessible on a rolling basis. With the funding, schools could place armed school resource officers on school grounds and invest more in technology and counselors at public schools. The state will also increase funding for the state’s Center for School Safety. This would allow the center to hire social media experts who could search the internet for impending threats.

“These new gun laws could impose significant changes for law abiding gun owners, who are already following some of the strictest laws in the country” says Seth Okin, a Washington County gun lawyer with Price Benowitz LLP. “It is important for gun owners to remain aware of changes in gun laws to avoid accidentally violating one.”

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