When you hear Technology Camp what comes to mind? Is it a dimly lit computer lab with campers taking a typing class, or is it a room full of modeling clay and cameras? Summer at Friends Creative Technology Camps are more than just time in front of a computer – they take advantage of our whole campus.

Claymation guides campers through the entire process of crafting a stop motion video.  Starting with a story, they’ll imagine and create characters and landscape out of clay, construction paper, or other craft materials.  Then it is on to production, as they take hundreds of still photos acting out the story. All of this is assembled, and the final product is a video that looks like it was made by a pro!

Campers in Robots & Rockets spend their time at camp building robots that compete in numerous challenges such as races, mazes, and the demolition derby! They also build and launch their very own model rocket!

Using the Friends School MakerSpace, campers in MakersCamp (and Junior MakersCamp) work with hands-on challenges designed to inspire creativity and curiosity, and grow problem-solving skills. Past projects have included 3-D printing, simple circuits, and creating roller-coaster models out of cardboard!

Like all Summer at Friends programs, each day is also filled with outdoor activities and recreational swimming. Plus lunch and snack are included!

What other focuses are available during the summer? There’s Flash Animation,  Architecture, Photography, Video, and Creative Chefs. Or try a little bit of (almost) everything with Tech Tapas!

These popular programs fill quickly. You can find out more at www.fscamp.org!

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