A look at the Fivestar app. (Courtesy photo, graphic by Technical.ly)

If you’re the kind of sports fan for whom a game isn’t complete until you’ve watched the highlights five to 10 times, there’s now an app for you.

Fivestar launched the Fivestar App today for those who want to both watch and rate sports highlights. The app, which is available for Android and iOS, doesn’t have an option for comments, which CEO and cofounder Erin McNeally said limits the possibility of negative comments and cyberbullying.

Unlike other video-based social media platforms, which add in animal videos and other types of content on top of sports highlights, Fivestars is curated specifically for sports. After logging in, users can upload and watch highlights and rate them on a scale of one-to-five stars

“We wanted to put the power back into the people’s hands and let the people decide who the best athletes are,” McNeally told Technical.ly. “That’s ultimately this mission that we’re headed down.”

The 15-person, Hanover, Maryland-based company was founded in August of 2021. McNeally said the company developed proprietary algorithms and machine learning for content curation, though she declined to offer details about the app’s development. Upon downloading, users can say whether or not they’re an athlete or a fan, as well as what sports they like to play (if any) and watch. Any user can upload highlights for any sport.

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