Courtesy Lexington Market
Courtesy Lexington Market

The bakery that sells everyone’s favorite hometown cookie in Lexington Market has closed its doors by order of the City Health Department.

ABC2 first reported the closure on Monday night. The outlet said it was due to a roach infestation.

The city normally lists all new food establishment closures with a reason on its website. Berger’s Bakery was not on its list as of Tuesday morning, but an employee at the Food Control department, housed within the Health Department, confirmed with her director that the facility had indeed been closed.

#FoodFacilityClosure Berger’s Bakery at 400 W. Lexington St 21201 closd for violations.

— B’more City Health (@BMore_Healthy) October 24, 2016

To reopen, the Lexington Market bakery will need to fix its pest issues and have a city health inspector come take another look.

Berger’s Bakery sells the “world-famous” Berger cookies, as well as other baked sweets. It has operated in Lexington Market since 1975.

The bakery’s phone line was disconnected on Tuesday morning.

Berger’s Bakery is not where the beloved brand makes its sweet, chocolate-covered shortbread treats. DeBaufre Bakeries, Inc., based in Cherry Hill, is responsible for that end of the operation.

WJZ  reports that the company released a statement noting it is not directly affiliated with the bakery in the market. “DeBaufre Bakeries has passed all local and federal inspections and continues to produce its chocolate creme Berger Cookies that are available at your local retail establishment,” the statement reads. “Berger Bakery was one of approximately 400 retail vendors authorized to sell Berger Cookies but, they did not, and do not, produce them.”

It’s also worth nothing that all of Lexington Market has a documented history with rats and roaches. Some of those issues can be expected for a market that has been there since 1782, though it’s still gross and should be better maintained. But Berger’s Bakery may not be the only culprit establishment in the joint with roach problems, if that provides readers with any relief.

This story has been updated with a statement from DeBaufre Bakeries.

Ethan McLeod is an associate editor for Baltimore Fishbowl.

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