Hogan Is More Popular Than O’Malley and Ehrlich Ever Were

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Could it have been his blessing from the pope? (Md. Governor's Office)
Could it have been his blessing from the pope? (Md. Governor’s Office)

After a year in office, Gov. Larry Hogan has registered a 67-percent approval rating, topping his previous numbers as well as the approval ratings of former Govs. Robert Ehrlich and Martin O’Malley.

According to Maryland Reporter, two-thirds of Maryland voters polled last week said they approve of the job Hogan is doing. A mere 19 percent disapprove.

Ehrlich achieved his highest approval rating of 57 percent (with 30 percent disapproving) eight months into his four-year tenure. O’Malley did his Republican predecessor literally one better when he reach 58-percent approval¬†in the January following his reelection.

Hogan is overwhelmingly popular among the state’s Republican and Independent voters, which makes up for his not-too-bad-considering 49-percent approval among Democrats.

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