Hogan’s First Order of Business: ‘Hogan’s Hero’ and ‘Bipartisan Soup’

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Hogan's Hero
Via city-data.com

Gov.-elect Larry Hogan found time while assembling his cabinet and preparing for office to perform his first truly important act as incoming governor: working out the details of his namesake soup and sandwich.

Chick and Ruth’s Delly in Annapolis typically limits politician-named menu items to one, but Hogan will have two. (What a politician!) The governor-elect told the diner he didn’t care what his sandwich was. He just wanted to make sure it was called “Hogan’s Hero.” (Nailed it!) It wound up as a cheesesteak with “a lot of meat,” American cheese and grilled onions.

Hogan was very specific about the soup. Hogan named it “Bipartisan” soup. It’s a combination of Maryland crab and cream of crab, a mashup his daughter first introduced him to. (Other restaurants in the state offer similar soups.)

While Hogan is apparently setting the Annapolis diner scene on fire, he’s annoyed some Baltimore business representatives with comments that suggest the city is on the way down. “There’s no businesses, there’s no jobs,” he told the Baltimore Sun. “The city’s declining rather than improving.”

While I’m sure it will take a lot more than that to sour most Baltimore businesspeople on a tax-hating Republican, they do generally beg to differ.

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