Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – Wellness Gifts

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Welcome to the Baltimore Fishbowl Local Gift Guide series. We’ll be featuring ten themed items each week through the holidays, starting today. Let us help you find that special something for everyone on your list, while supporting local businesses, and getting out to shop in different parts of this diverse and thriving city.

This week we start with a Wellness theme. Aside from the fact that today is Thanksgiving and we’ll all soon need a pie detox, 2016 is a year that will require some serious healing in many ways. We’ve got you covered on some self-care products that will have you and your loved ones rejuvenated and ready to take on 2017 in no time. 

Essential Oils Diffuser

1) Diffuser and Essential Oils from Mom’s Organic Market

There’s no way around cold season, so we’ll have to power through it. That said, there are gentle ways to encourage your body to stay healthy. My new favorite way to ease congestion and ease my inner hypochondriac, is the use of essential oils. You can always dilute them and use them on your skin, but to add ambiance to the household, put a few drops into a humidifier, for some aromatherapy? You can pick up a stylish diffuser and essential oils at the new Mom’s Organic Market in Hamden.

wight tea co

2) Tea from Wight Tea Co.

Tea is, in the words of The Kinks, “Grandma’s stand-by potion, for any old cough or wheeze.” If I’ve learned anything as a parent, it’s that you don’t argue with grandma, so this much be right. Tea is full of antioxidants which keep your heart, eyes, mind and immune system sharp. It’s also calorie free, less caffeinated than coffee, and energizing. This Baltimore-based company promises its customers high quality, delicious teas and bespoke tea blends, mixed right here in town. You can buy the teas at Boutique 44 in Roland Park, or at craft fairs around the area.


3) Healthy cookbook from Bird In Hand

Too much screen time is bad for the brain, detrimental to sleep, and probably ruining our vision. There are endless foodie websites online, but cooking should be a zen time, and a cookbook is often all you need as a kitchen companion.

Check out the new Bird In Hand cafe-bookstore combo in Charles Village! Opened collaboratively by the owners of Woodberry Kitchen and The Ivy Bookstore, the cafe features artisan coffee drinks, and sells a carefully curated selection of books including a cooking section. Do not make eye contact with the delicious baked goods on your way past the counter. Just kidding, they’re worth it.


4) Detoxifying Seaweed body wrap from Red Door Spa

In what one can only assume is the next best thing to a long float in the ocean itself,

Elizabeth Arden’s Cross Keys Spa promises an intriguing detox experience. A purifying, marine-based treatment that cleanses and detoxifies the body while restoring skin’s tone and vitality. A clay and seaweed body mask combined with a deep cleansing body wrap, draws out toxins and delivers essential minerals to the skin.” I am so interested in how this feels, I might just gift one to myself.


5) Warm Socks

My mother is a talented knitter and I look forward to a new pair of socks from her every Christmas. While she refuses to mass produce her own creations, you can of course find some very nice alternatives on the market. Warm, dry feet make us kinder human beings. Help your most fragrant-footed of friends keep healthy for walking, hiking or running, with a good pair of socks. Princeton Sports in Mt. Washington carries a wide array of cozy activewear brands, like Smartwool.


6) Veggie Spiralizer from Crate & Barrel

Know someone going carb-free? Don’t let them deprive themselves of pasta so quickly. This tool creates spirals of healthy, fresh vegetables that can be cooked and used like pasta. Equipped with a small holding core to keep food in place, the spiralizer features three blade options and has a removable base to funnel strands directly in to a bowl. Find one at Crate and Barrel in Towson.


7) Glass water bottle from LifeFactory

Make sure your loved ones are getting in their 8 glasses a day, with a fun-to-carry water bottle.

We’re more likely to drink water, if we have it handy, and with a stylish, eco-friendly, and healthy glass option, hydrating has never been more fun! Glass bottles are great because they don’t leach chemicals into the water like plastic, and they are recyclable, reusable, and heavy duty. Falls Rd. Running Store in Mount Washington sells both adult and children’s sizes.


8) Activity Book from Local Author, Andrea Pippins

Journaling can help us find emotional clarity, and make sense of experiences and feelings. But if an empty book seems too intimidating, try this new book by local designer Andrea Pippins. This gorgeous full-color activity book will get people of all ages coloring, doodling, and writing straight to their best self. Includes quotes from inspiring women, positive affirmations, and artistic advice direct from the author. The perfect tool to get those creative juices flowing, and so uplifting you’ll want a bonus copy for yourself. Available at Trohv Home & Gift in Hampden.

© Lindsay Hite /
© Lindsay Hite /

9) House Plant from Crimson & Clover

Plants in the home can reduce carbon dioxide, and other pollutants. They also reduce airborne dust levels, and keep the air temperature down during those unbearable Baltimore summers. This Roland Park florist goes above and beyond to buy local flowers and plants when possible, and runs a vase recycling program to help customers recycle unwanted housewares in exchange for a free bouquet in the shop. More on their website, or in store.


10) Goals Planner and Supportive writing tools from Rowhouse14.

Know someone flying by the seat of their pants? Organization leads to calm, and that includes planning! Hand over one of these adorable goal planners from Rowhouse14. To Do lists just got way more fun, and written goals get done more than imagined ones. If you think a little bonus positivity boost is needed, the independent business also sells inspirational pencils with inspirational messages. Find Rowhouse14’s line of hip greeting cards at Vita in Belvedere Square, and the planners & pencils in their Etsy shop.


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