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When the Baltimore Orioles announced earlier this month they were starting a program allowing adults to bring children ages 9 and younger to games for free all season long, they paired the news with the promise of a new concessions menu offering more affordability.

Today, the team released more details, including that draft domestic beers will come in small, medium and large sizes for a range of $4-$8.

Now you may be thinking it will be some piddly beer that comes in a sad little cup, right? But Kristen Hudak, director of publication relations for the team, tells Baltimore Fishbowl a small is 12 ounces, or roughly the size of the can that comes in a six-pack.

That’s a helluva deal, baseball fans. According to data available at Statista, only three other teams served beers for $4 or cheaper during the 2016 season, the Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Indians.

A medium draft domestic beer will be 16 ounces and cost $6, and a large will be 20 ounces and cost $8.

Craft and import beers will be served in the same way and the cost will range from $6.75-$9.75, with a medium coming out to $8.75.

This is something both parents and the child-less can enjoy.

The prices changes will also be reflected in some of the food items, of course. Soda will range from $2.50-$5, french fries will range from $3.25-$5.25 and popcorn will range from $4-$6. Kids size hot dogs and soda will be available for $1.50 each.

And the team says fans can expect merchandise prices to be slashed as well.

But back to the beer. The infamous 10 Cent Beer Night in Cleveland this is not, but it’s still a boon for those of us who love knocking back a few while cheering on the Birds.

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