Hopkins Profs Have a Crazy Plan to Abolish Time Zones

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Who needs time zones when we all basically live within Internet Time?

That, at least, is part of the reasoning behind two Johns Hopkins professors’ proposal to abolish time zones. “The Internet has annihilated time and space completely, and has set us up for adoption of world-wide time,” economist Steve Hanke and physicist/astronomer Richard Henry told the Washington Post. Under the Hanke-Henry plan, it would just be the same time everywhere– 9:30 AM in Baltimore would be 9:30 AM in Los Angeles and Tokyo and everywhere else in the world. Such a change would, of course, cause its own disruptions. In some parts of the world, people would find themselves headed to work at 2 AM, for example — except that 2 AM would still be mid-morning. Confused yet?

The two Hopkins profs think the confusion would be worth it, because we’d all have an easier time scheduling meetings, as well as communicating and traveling internationally. They point out that time zones didn’t even exist until late in the 19th century, when train travel made it much more common to conduct business across vast distances; now that another kind of technology has transformed the way we live and work, maybe it’s time to re-think our current habits. “From a physics point of view,” they told the Post, “there IS only one time!”

Not everyone is convinced — are you, readers?

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