Horse Lords announce new album, ‘The Common Task’

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Credit: Audrey Gatewood

Local avant-garde rock band Horse Lords is back with their first album since 2016’s “Interventions.”

The four-piece today announced the release of fourth album “The Common Task,” due out March 13 on Northern Spy Records. As a teaser, the band put out a first single, “Fanfare for Effective Freedom,” out on Bandcamp.

The track starts as a slow scattershot of percussion and guitar before the members lock into a groove that keeps building into a rhythmic, mechanical-sounding whir. Listen below.

In a statement, the band said, “Musically, the piece takes as it’s compositional jumping off point the joining of rhythmic and pitch relationships,” and that the song’s title comes from a book about the cybernetic management of the Chilean socialist government in the 1970s. “This project was interrupted by the 1973 Chilean coup d’état.”

Per a release, the rest of the album reflects the band’s view of “a utopian, modernist ideal,” using algorithmic composition techniques and polyrhythms to create music that is complex but also engaging and hypnotic.

And they’ll be performing a number of these songs live at the Ottobar on March 12.


Brandon Weigel

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