Hot and Miserable? There’s Still Time to Go Down the Ocean, Hon

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Can we be honest? Can we just admit that the second half of summer in Baltimore kinda sucks?

Don’t get me wrong, I fiercely love the first half. I love a June afternoon at the pool, I love my first ten snowballs, I love the way my yard looks on Father’s Day and I love the the jumbo crabs from Captain Trey’s. Then mid-July hits and with it comes the brutal mid-Atlantic mugginess. Now an afternoon poolside requires me to actually get in the pool, the snowballs don’t help my swimwear anxiety, my yard is brown and crunchy and the salt in the crabs makes me swell like a tick.

There is a cure for Baltimore’s dog days and it’s called “the ocean.” There you can frolic in the cool surf and enjoy the sea breeze. No wonder it takes the better half of a day to cross the Bay Bridge. In an act of desperation I checked the last minute rentals in the Rehoboth area and I was shocked to see such a wide selection. Here are some picks that will get you out of Dodge. Happy escaping!

Location, Location, Location

24 Seagate

5 br/4.5 ba

$8,400 for the week beginning August 19th

It’s not cheap and it’s not “state of art” but it does put you right on the ocean. Just think of falling asleep to sound of crashing waves.

Style, Style, Style

33 Endless View

2 br/2 ba

$4,950 for the week beginning August 19th

Wowzer, this is pretty! Like vacationing in a magazine spread. This bayfront beauty has a small beach and place to dock your boat. Dreamy.

Value, Value, Value

211 Carolina Street

3 br/2 ba

$1,800 for the week beginning August 19th

Cute (exterior not withstanding) an cozy cottage three blocks to the beach. At this price you can afford to take your kid’s to “Funland” (it’s not cheap) for a couple of nights.

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