7110 Bellona Avenue.

Hot House: Palmer & Lamdin house in Woodbrook on an acre of land, lots of amenities. 5 bedrooms/7 baths. Asking price: $1,410,000.

What: By the 1940s, when this house was built, Palmer & Lamdin had acquired several younger architects, who would eventually become partners, and their designs moved towards being more conventional and less quirky. This house, Bellona Springs, is one of the last private commissions before WWII, when the younger architects joined the military and the firm moved to designing mostly public works.

Bellona Springs has more than 4,700 feet of living space and is situated on almost an acre of land on Bellona Avenue in Woodbrook. As you approach the house, you’ll see a brick sidewalk, with a fountain within a circle of bricks. When you enter the house, the dining room is straight ahead down the center hallway, and the living room, complete with classical trim, and a fireplace is to your right. The living room moves to a screened porch with a brick floor.

The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen, which features a kitchen bar and an adjacent family room with a handy wet bar and a back staircase.

There are five bedrooms on the second floor, as well as five bathrooms, including a huge, ornate double bathroom off of the main bedroom.

A recently-built, stand-alone Amish barn-style garage is a perfect place for exercising, a spot where the kids can play with their friends or one that you can use for a home office or studio. Funny story – this space was designed by my prom date! We’re still friends after all of these years and he’s responsible for my love of Palmer & Lamdin!

Where: Bellona Springs is located on Bellona Avenue in Woodbrook, just west of Charles Street. The acre of ground, with its extensive gardens and old trees gives you a rare amount of space for this neighborhood. It’s a quick jaunt to Eddie’s on Charles Street and the local Starbucks and Dunkin’. Towson is close by and it’s just down the hill on Bellona if you’re a Graul’s person.

Final Appraisal: Tucked off of Bellona Avenue, this house is the perfect combination of being apart, but right in the middle of things. It has a number of upgrades, and the barn/garage has any number of uses from the practical to the party! The listing for the house is here.

All photographs from the listing.

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