How Are You Celebrating 12-12-12?

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I know you’re in the middle of a storm of holidays, but Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Gurpurab — they happen every year. And yeah there’s also the the so-called “end of the Mayan calendar” coming up on the 21st, but no present-day Mayans paying it much mind. 12-12-12, hasn’t been debunked by anyone — so let’s get needlessly excited about it!

Remember 01-01-01? That triple date was our numerological consolation a year after the Y2K celebrations/panic. Oh, and what about all those great Satanic metal shows that happened on 06-06-06! Hmmm, those are pretty much the only ones I really remember, but anyway — this is the last one of those we’re going to get for 88 years, so live it up! Put a ring on each of your 12 fingers; crack a dozen eggs on the sidewalk; spin around 12 times; and make a wish!

If that doesn’t sound enticing, I heard Z Burger is offering 12-cent hamburgers starting 12 minutes after noon.  Anyone got any leads on some other great stuff to do today? Besides scheduling a C-section give your child an auspicious birthday, I mean.

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