The ReBokeh app in use. (Courtesy photo)

This week, CEO Rebecca Rosenberg and her colleagues at ReBokeh will be among the sea of tech founders, developers, investors and aficionados descending on Las Vegas for one of the world’s most significant consumer expos.

“We are excited to showcase our technology, which brings independence to the lives of its users, at the most influential tech event in the world!” Rosenberg told via email about the startup’s sojourn to CES, the annual international trade show that the Consumer Technology Association is staging in the southern Nevada metropolis between Thursday and Sunday.

As the world’s biggest companies debut new products, snatch headlines and navigate diplomatic quagmires, startup leaders such as Rosenberg are similarly trying to get their innovations before those who can help them reach the next growth level.

“We are also looking to connect with potential partners who are interested in supporting the visually impaired community through technology,” Rosenberg said.

ReBokeh’s signature product is an eponymous app that aims to provide those living with visual impairment a series of tools, including custom video filters and a powerful zooming feature, that can help them better navigate the world without expensive assistive technologies. Rosenberg, who was diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism as a child and struggled for years with insufficiently helpful tech solutions, has already successfully completed Towson University’s StarTUp at the Armory accelerator and showcased at TechSlice’s winter 2022 demo day.