How One Towson Student Interned Her Way Straight to Fashion Week

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Towson student leverages fashion blog into fashion career

Many college students skew more toward the flip flop/sweatshirt side of the spectrum; not so Towson University senior Colleen Kochesfahani. As you might guess from the name of her blog (Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill), Kochesfahani is fashion-obsessed — and through a few smart steps, she was able to snag internship stints at both New York and Miami’s Fashion Weeks. Add that to her summer spent working with Jill Stuart, and it’s clear that Kochesfahani is on the path to making her hobby into a serious career.

Kochesfahani’s path through college is a nice illustration of how working the internship angle hard can set students up nicely for a post-college job. She started out as a pre-pharmacy major, which lasted until she realized she fainted whenever she had to dissect something. Instead, she turned her interest to business marketing, with a special focus on fashion.   After volunteering to work for IMG at New York Fashion Week in 2011, Kochesfahani got the opportunity she was waiting for:  another volunteer didn’t show, so the Towson senior got promoted to venue manager. She did such a great job that IMG brought her back for the next Fashion Week as head venue manager. This experience, plus her enthusiastic blog posts (she writes regularly about outfits, trends, sales, etc.) helped snag her a job as social media intern for Jill Stuart this past summer.

Kochesfahani is doing a lot of things right. She’s creating a web presence that proves her knowledge and passion about the subject she cares about; she’s not afraid to take a volunteer job or unpaid internship because it might lead to unforeseen opportunities; and she’s leveraging her social media skills to get jobs. Even the non-fashion inclined could take a tip or two from her. (Or if it’s just style tips you want, check out her other fashion blog, College Fashionista.)

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