How Spa Adagio is Coping with Coronavirus Quarantine

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Small businesses and non-profits are especially hard hit during the coronavirus outbreak. We get it! Baltimore Fishbowl is a small business, too. To help small businesses and non-profits, we will provide regular updates to let you know how they are coping. 

The following is an update from Spa Adagio‘s owner, Regina Schneider, on how she and the spa are coping. Offering a wide variety of holistic personalized spa treatments, Spa Adagio is located at 317 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231.

How have you altered your business to adapt to the quarantine?
Spa Adagio has been closed temporarily since 3/16/20 to keep everybody safe. We are offering news on the website and our Facebook page and will soon start online classes via Skype for massages.

Are you doing something for the community or your employees that you want to share with our readers?
I am offering gift cards to obtain via email or calls, as well as offering to help those neighbors in need. My independent contractors are getting financial help from me so they can live a bit less in fear of how to provide for themselves and their family.

What is the status of your employees? 
I have independent contractors and they have filed for temporary lay offs until Spa Adagio is open again.

How can readers help you get through the crisis?
Just don’t forget about my business and come back once we are open again. Obtain a gift card or sign up for my online “class room” to learn more about massages – that can be used on your loved ones (who are with you in the home). Massages relieve stress, especially the type that can be created suddenly from living in one space.

How are you coping, personally?
I live in Lutherville and have Sparkie, my little rescue Yorkie – who is now rescuing me to stay positive. My husband is stuck in Germany and I keep in touch with him, friends and family via the WhatsUp app and Facebook exchanges. I exercise a lot and have had the chance to read the books I always wanted to read. I continue to study bodywork modalities to keep up with the CEU’s needed for the re-licensing cycle due in October of this year.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
You can always get in touch with me if you would like to chat or learn more about me and the business.

To learn more about Spa Adagio, visit the website and Facebook. Continue to support Regina and Spa Adagio by by purchasing gift cards or signing up for classes.

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