Hundreds of “Ghost Students” Kept on Rolls at Baltimore Schools

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Baltimore City schools are looking at a drop in state funding after an internal investigation uncovered “irregularities” in attendance records.

As the Washington Post reports, when city schools CEO Gregory Thornton visited schools he did not find classrooms overcrowded with students as he expected. The enrollment numbers didn’t square with what he saw.

In fact, “it got to the point of having to have conversations about data integrity, ” Thornton said, “because we can’t build this organization on false numbers.” So he launched an investigation, which turned up 230 students on the rolls that shouldn’t have been.

But clearing the “ghost students” from the record means less education money from the state. According to the Washington Post, the enrollment drop plus a new system for allocating funds would dock Baltimore’s funding by $25 million under Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposed budget.



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