Baltimore Social Leagues Emphasize Meet Over Compete

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ErinWhen Erin Corcoran moved to Baltimore from D.C., she figured signing up for a Baltimore Social league would be a good way to meet some new people. She ended up meeting her boyfriend.

This fall, the roving groups in matching T-shirts will return, as bocce, kickball, soccer, flag football and other leagues begin. There are more offerings than in past years this fall, as Baltimore Social is running 68 leagues. (Registration is open through Sept. 9) The leagues are non-competitive (as we can personally attest), and include drinking afterward with the team at a local bar.

When Erin moved to Baltimore two years ago, the adult sports leagues with a social event after the game sounded like a low-stress way to meet some people. Erin signed up for a bocce league in Patterson Park. One of the other people who also happened to sign up was Matt. Through playing bocce and going to the bar with the team afterward, Erin and Matt became friends. They got to know each other over the course of the 6 weeks of the league, and decided to keep in touch. Later that summer, they started dating.

“Neither of us were signing up to meet anybody,” she said, referring to meeting people, dating-wise.

In the age of online dating, though, it’s easy to see how the leagues provide a IRL chance to get introduced to people outside of existing friends and work acquaintances. Love lives don’t only stand to benefit. Erin has also seen a job interview materialize after the game.

“There’s no pretense. You’re just going out, meeting people and having a great time,” she said.

This fall, Erin and Matt are hoping once again that signing up for a league can help them meet some new folks. They just moved to McHenry Row, and signed up for a kickball league at McHenry Row.

This time, however, they’ll know at least one other person on the team.

Find out more about the leagues at Baltimore Social.

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