Courtesy Citybizlist – There was something new in Gov. Martin O’Malley’s State of the State address Wednesday, something refreshing, a lot of the same old same old and something very disappointing.

What seemed new about the governor’s State of the State address was the teleprompter and the six foreign ambassadors.

Most reporters could not recall the governor using a teleprompter for the State of the State speech before, though he had used one for his 2011 inaugural and the Democratic National Convention in September. He also seemed to be occasionally reading from an iPad. The new paperless O’Malley, an early adopter of smart phones and iPads, is a sign he’s stepping up his game for the national stage.

While the ambassador of Ireland had attended speeches before, the ambassadors of Russia, Poland, Qatar, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina added a new international flavor, not to mention the chair of the newly recognized Piscataway-Conoy tribe. (Maryland has sister states in Russia and Poland, a friendship agreement with Montenegro, and O’Malley visited oil-rich Qatar on his way to India in 2011.)

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