In the End, Ravens players at Art Modell’s Side

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Ray Lewis, Haioti Ngata, Terrrell Suggs and John Harbaugh were at Art Modell’s bedside Wednesday night before the former Ravens owner died. Before he left, Lewis whispered a final message.

“I will always keep that between me and him because it is a son talking to a father. That’s the way I looked at it from the moment I started whispering in his ear because that’s what he always used to do to me,” said Lewis, choking up several times. “It’s hard to keep talking about someone who loved you that much. It’s like you have to keep a man like that lifted up because when you see that time closing, that you know physically that you will never see him again. That part of it, you let it take care of itself. Everything that I said in his ear, he knew came from my heart. I loved the man dearly.”

There will be a public viewing of Modell at M & T Stadium from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. tomorrow.

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