Sheena Jordan, Diversity Coordinator | Glenelg Country School  

Sheena Jordan, the Diversity Coordinator at Glenelg Country School, brings a strong personal background in other cultures to her role. After receiving her BA from James Madison University in Spanish with a minor in African-American studies, Jordan earned her Master of Arts at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Intercultural Communication. In 2019, she completed her post-baccalaureate certification in educational leadership and school administration at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland.

What drew you to education?
As a child, we moved around quite a bit because my father was in the Navy. As a result of this experience, I learned to appreciate the diversity that is all around us. I was actually born in Hawaii, and have always been fascinated by other languages and cultures. As a part of our formal education growing up in Pearl City, we learned so much about the Hawaiian language and culture. When we moved to the “mainland” (the continental United States), I found myself as a little mini-ambassador for Hawaiian culture and I loved the feeling of teaching others about the beauty of the “Aloha spirit” (as they call it in Hawaii). It seems natural that I would continue to spread this love, passion, appreciation and respect for other cultures in the work that I eventually chose to pursue as an adult.

What do you like about your current school?
Glenelg is a community full of many diverse voices, all of which are encouraged to ask questions and be heard.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?
My position as a diversity coordinator allows me to spread my appreciation and passion for other cultures on a daily basis by facilitating discussions and fostering a welcoming environment within our institution.

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