Kathryn Burke Adelsberger, Acting Assistant Principal | Mercy High School

Acting Assistant Principal Kathryn Burke Adelsberger joins the administration of Mercy High School, bringing with her a commitment to girls’ education.

What drew you to education?
I’ve always loved learning and I wanted to foster that same kind of inquiry and curiosity in others. I see education as my way to make the world a better place because I teach our future leaders and innovators. I always felt like teaching was where I belonged, and I knew that I wanted a career that was different every day.

What do you like about your current school?
The girls! I love their energy and spirit. I also love our mission – especially this line – Mercy creates an environment where young women form habits of lifelong inquiry, critical thinking and courageous action in a global society.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?
I’m really committed to the International Baccalaureate program because of its inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning and I hope to see that grow and continue to develop at Mercy.

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