Is This a Dream Job–Or a Nightmare?

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Maryland Live!, the casino with the exclamation point, is hiring. Whether this particular job posting is exciting or horrifying depends on your point of view.

The Hanover-based casino is seeking full-time party starters. (Yes, that’s the official job title!) The job description is vague, but phrases like “create a carefree experience,” “FRIENDLY welcomes,” “turning heads with your abilities and style,” and the fact that job requirements include serving drinks, wearing make-up, and posing for photos, I get the impression that they’re looking to hire cocktail waitresses. The job also requires “bending, stooping” and maintaining an excellent personal appearance at all times. But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “party starter,” does it?

As promised, Maryland’s casinos are creating jobs. Are they the kinds of jobs that help people establish a strong economic foundation? Not always. But at least when someone asks you what you do, you get to say, “I’m a party starter.”


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